One of the most exciting things about our job is that you never know who will walk through the door. We had the pleasure to meet Soulé in our studio for the first time back in 2014, she came through with a mutual friend we had been working with at that time. It was the early days of Diffusion Lab, the place looked nothing like today with only basic set up. But still it was a place where we could meet new clients, become friends and create music.


From a music producer perspective, we are always excited to work with new artists and when we heard Soulé sing for the first time it was apparent that there was something special. Now, to say that we all had a clear music vision from the beginning would be a lie. It took a lot of time, many demo ideas to finally arrive at a place that we all thought was a good representation of her musical vision.


In that time to where she is now her voice and beautiful personality have grown way beyond expectation. We are truly proud and excited to show the world what this lady can do.


Check out her debut single “Love no more” on Spotify and iTunes or watch the music video on You Tube.

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