The Queen of Diffusion Lab

One of the most exciting things about our job is that you never know who will walk through the door. We had the pleasure to meet Soulé in our studio for the first time back in 2014, she came through with a mutual friend we had been working with at that time. It was the early days of Diffusion Lab, the place looked nothing like today with only basic set up. But still it was a place where we could meet new clients, become friends and create music.


From a music producer perspective, we are always excited to work with new artists and when we heard Soulé sing for the first time it was apparent that there was something special. Now, to say that we all had a clear music vision from the beginning would be a lie. It took a lot of time, many demo ideas to finally arrive at a place that we all thought was a good representation of her musical vision.


In that time to where she is now her voice and beautiful personality have grown way beyond expectation. We are truly proud and excited to show the world what this lady can do.


Check out her debut single “Love no more” on Spotify and iTunes or watch the music video on You Tube.

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It’s OK to be Super Silly!

On this day June 27th, 2016. Super Silly F*&king Killed The Game!!!!! 🙂

Yes people. It’s is an exciting day for all. The first official release for Super Silly is out now – “No Pressure”.

‬The group consisting of four members (Sammy – Vocals & Bass, Precious – Vocals & Keys, Shekinah – Keys, Tommy – Drums have managed to put some killer songs together. With a heavy influence from playing in Gospel bands together for years they certainly bring the soul in to the room when making music.

We at Diffusion Lab have been lucky enough to work with this group of talents. The name suits the guys like a glove. Always walking into the studio with a great sense of humor and good silly vibes.

Four months of hard work and Bam!! You have some good music… We’re not gonna give away to much now but expect to hear some more music from the lads soon.

Super Silly we salute you. Go forth and pillage the village.

Listen to it HERE

Diffusion Lab Crew

Hare Squead “If I Ask” out now!

So time has finally come… Hare Squead’s first official release “If I Ask” on Columbia Records is finally out. Accompanied by a pretty sick video and a fresh summer vibe. The Dublin based trio are set to make a mark.

The guys approached us at Diffusion Lab almost a year before the release and we got started with the ideas and production. To say these guys are talented is in understatement. Henoc is not only a great composer, piano player, but has some nimble fingers on the bass. Jessy brings his soulful voice, song writing and guitar playing to the table and Tony knows how to sculpt words into energetic word play. Together they are a rowdy bunch of talented young messers full of confidence.

We spent about two months working on a batch of songs and gathering ideas, looking for new sounds and eating way to many take aways. “If I Ask” is definitely a good choice for their first release.

With its catchy hook, lazy raps, pumping rhythm and sneaky edits, we are proud to be a part of this killer tune.

We look forward to seeing how the guys develop in the future and wish them all the best. There is nothing quite as personal as getting to know people in the studio and trying to help translate their creativity in to a piece of art.

Good luck Lads!

Watch Hare Squead – If I Ask video HERE

AikJ – New Single Released!

Here we go with a brand new release from AikJ! The vertically endowed R&B/ soul singer has been a frequent face in Diffusion Lab for over a year now. He can be found either eating pizza between takes in the studio, making an appearance on Irish radio or performing around Dublin with his band.

Always humble and generally quiet natured, he pours his heart into his music and his new single, “Suite Life” certainly shows this. The song is groovy and infectious, with AikJ’s strong vocals catching the flair of the beat and playing with it perfectly.

Please enjoy the latest offering from this talented Dublin musician, and be sure to catch his powerful live performance the next chance you get!

Penrose – Sign On

It was a great pleasure to work with Dublin’s Indie-Rock gem – Penrose.

With previous critically acclaimed single “Melody” which charted at no. 10 in the Irish Charts, the new single “Sign On” has a huge potential to reach even higher position!

Produced, Recorded and mixed by Les Stapleton and Marcin Ciszczon, Mastered by Marcin Ciszczon in Diffusion Lab.

Watch Penrose – “Sign On” video here.
Penrose’s new single launch is happening 21st of May in Grand Social in Dublin.

Origin Isle

Debut self-titled album by Canadian music duo Origin Isle.

British Columbian Island-raised friends Kathryn Ruby and MC Axiom share their respective talents as mindful lyricists and powerful vocalists on a production that ranges in style while maintaining an organic energy.

Presented by Diffusion Lab, Dublin, Ireland in association Nyati Records, Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Nerve – “Triptych” WTRDPS Remix release!

“This remix takes the track into a cool direction, combining a halftime feel with double time edits of Jojo’s drums that really elevate
the energy towards the end. The concept, sound design and technical execution are all top notch”.

Kind words for Jojo Mayer / Nerve for Marcin’s winning remix of Nerve’s “Triptych”. Released on Nerve’s new EP “Vocal Collaborations”.

Hare Squead Madness

Two weeks of madness with Hare Squead gang are over. We’ve had an exciting times with one of Dublin’s hottest up and coming acts. We are all very excited about their single “If I Ask” coming out soon, released by Columbia Records. Check them out!