So time has finally come… Hare Squead’s first official release “If I Ask” on Columbia Records is finally out. Accompanied by a pretty sick video and a fresh summer vibe. The Dublin based trio are set to make a mark.

The guys approached us at Diffusion Lab almost a year before the release and we got started with the ideas and production. To say these guys are talented is in understatement. Henoc is not only a great composer, piano player, but has some nimble fingers on the bass. Jessy brings his soulful voice, song writing and guitar playing to the table and Tony knows how to sculpt words into energetic word play. Together they are a rowdy bunch of talented young messers full of confidence.

We spent about two months working on a batch of songs and gathering ideas, looking for new sounds and eating way to many take aways. “If I Ask” is definitely a good choice for their first release.

With its catchy hook, lazy raps, pumping rhythm and sneaky edits, we are proud to be a part of this killer tune.

We look forward to seeing how the guys develop in the future and wish them all the best. There is nothing quite as personal as getting to know people in the studio and trying to help translate their creativity in to a piece of art.

Good luck Lads!

Watch Hare Squead – If I Ask video HERE

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